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An aspiring journalist with over 40 published articles, Parker Hurley is a student studying journalism at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.

Open House at FAI Spring Days 2023 – Magenta Publishing Florence

FAI Spring Days (Giornate di Primavera) make their return to Florence this year on Saturday, March 25 and Sunday, March 26. The weekend-long event will open the doors of three normally inaccessible sites in Florence: Villa Schifanoia-EUI, the Palace of the Bank of Italy (Palazzo della Banca d’Italia) and the Robert Longhi Foundation (Fondazione Roberto Longhi).

The nonprofit foundation, founded in 1975, aims to protect historical and cultural landmarks, monuments and landscapes all across Italy

Leonardo da Vinci's Mother Identified as a Slave Later Freed by His Father – Tuscan Trends

A document found in the State Archives of Florence has confirmed and revealed the identity of the mother of Leonardo da Vinci (April 15, 1452 – May 2, 1519). Discovered by Carlos Vecce, Caterina, or Chaterina, was a slave freed by an act of liberation on November 2, 1452, signed by notary Piero da Vinci – Leonardo’s father. Da Vinci was born out of wedlock, and both his parents later married others.

St. Patrick's Day Festivities in Florence, 2023 – Magenta Publishing Florence

Florence is no stranger to Saint Patrick’s Day festivities that liven up Irish American communities worldwide each year. To celebrate, a wide range of events will be available to the public to commemorate the holiday in Florence on Friday, March 17.

For those looking to enjoy some Irish dancing, The Hard Rock Café on Via dei Brunelleschi has invited the Shamrock Dance company from the Clover School of Irish Dance to perform from 8:30 to 10:30 pm. The traditional dances featured will throw the r

AILO Kicks Off 'Via Vittoria' to Help Women – Magenta Publishing Florence

Viva Vittoria, a volunteer project that will strive to take measures on domestic violence against women with the help of the entire Florence community, will take place on Nov. 11 and 12, 2023, in Piazza Santa Croce. The American International League of Florence (AILO) has been given the opportunity to co-sponsor and organize the event locally. Fittingly, the press conference for Viva Vittoria Firenze fell on International Women’s Day, today, March 8.

International Women's Day in Florence, 2023 – Magenta Publishing Florence

On International Women’s Day, women are honored in many ways around the world. In Florence, there will be free admission for women at a variety of museums, free guided tours for all visitors at the Bargello, the Medici Chapels and the Palazzo Davanzati, the opening of the free CaraDonna photography exhibition and a 24-hour strike affecting public and private sectors.

Started by the U.S. socialist party in 1909, propelled by the publicity of the deaths of 140 immigrant workers – nearly all of th

Pereira Resigns as Head of Maggio Theatre – Magenta Publishing Florence

Alexander Pereira, the superintendent of Florence’s Maggio Musicale Theater (Teatro del Maggio), resigned Monday, Feb. 27 amidst an ongoing fraud investigation. His resignation was accepted by Mayor Dario Nardella on Feb. 28, who confirmed that Pereira would stay in his position for 30 days until a successor could be found while acknowledging his positive contributions to the theater.

Fossil Fuel Protest Cleaned Up – Magenta Publishing Florence

Defaced with red and yellow paint on the morning of Sunday, Feb. 12, the headquarters of the Tuscan Regional Council on via Cavour in Florence has been restored to its original state. The vandalism on the Regional Council building was carried out with paint-filled fire extinguishers in protest of the new regasification terminal in the port of Piombino. The most recent public protest of the #NonPaghiamoilFossile (#Don’tPayforFossilFuels) campaign, organized by the Latest Generation environmental
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